Friday, June 08, 2012

Does It Matter?

At one of the caucuses I attended today at the Texas Democratic Party convention, US Senate candidate Paul Sadler came to advise us that that evening he was going to address an article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle yesterday. One that I read online. One that seems to have mysteriously ‘gone away.’

The article essentially dismissed any reason for Democrats to meet in any convention this weekend, as the Republicans have it all sewn up in the fall. No statewide candidate will succeed against the Republican juggernaut.
And to that I have to call BS. Republicans are not entitled. They don’t have a right to hold public office. That is something that is granted by a majority of voters. Now it could be that Republicans will swarm the polls in November wanting to vote out “that clown” (more on that tomorrow). But votes do matter. And opposing Republican government mismanagement is the epitome of patriotism.
So I waited and waited at the general session for Paul Sadler to address the Chronicle’s article. And I was not disappointed. I have the cadence part of it recorded in the video below. It answers the Chronicle’s rhetorical question of why does it matter that the Democrats meet, nominate and vote in this hallowed democratic process.
Sadler’s eloquent reply to the knuckle-dragger who wrote that article in the Chronicle is a thing of beauty. (Again, apologies for the video quality - this was spur of the moment and I don’t have the best seat at the convention this year).

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Rhymes With Right said...

Personally, I find it great that you folks met and went through the motions of being a viable political party. The reality is that the platform you adopted is so out of step with the voters of this state that it makes it likely that the Chronicle's predictions will come true.