Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Oppose the Republican Law Enforcement Cabal

I cannot believe that in this election season, that the Republicans are feeding the loyal opposition, we Democrats, our talking points. Witness political consultant Karen Pearson who went to the trouble of making a YouTube video about the local Republican primary races for Fort Bend County Sheriff and a County Constable seat.

In the opinion of political consultant for 27 years, Karen Pearson, there should not be a cabal between brothers who are both running for law enforcement offices in Fort Bend County. Troy Nehls won the Republican primary for Fort Bend County Sherif, and his brother, Trever Nehls won his primary race against Don McCall for Conatable in the 4th Precinct.

And I have to agree. There should be no evidence for a cabal or any agreement between brothers who hold law enforcement offices  in this county. It makes Craig Brady's nepotism in the County Sheriff's office pale in comparison.  

There is a solution you know. Michael Ellison is the Democratic candidate who will be running against Troy Nehls in November. Michael Ellison, himself a hero of the New Territory Randall's stick-up attempt in which he took bullets, will oppose Troy Nehls in the general election. A vote for Ellison is a vote against a Republican law enforcement cabal.

Thank you Karen Pearson for pointing that out.

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