Monday, June 04, 2012

Libertarian Principles and Bounced Checks

I had to laugh at a news article in the Houston Chronicle today. It seems that one Caroll Joubert, Jr. wrote 5 checks to buy some high end used cars from CarMax, checks drawn on the Federal Reserve Bank of Georgia.

Five worthless checks.

But wait, there’s more. Joubert is of the opinion that all Americans have a right to write checks off of the Federal Reserve because, well, because the United States went off the gold standard monetary system.

Joubert, it seems, is a thief, but a principled thief. A thief with Libertarian principles.

Libertarians, you see, advocate for a return to the gold standard because only that will stabilize prices. A notion that is patently absurd.

Still and all, it is nice to see that there are Libertarians out there that stand on their principles of self-interest. Ayn Rand would be truly proud.

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