Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bud Childers Unrecusing Himself?

Can you actually do that?

Fort Bend County voters went to some lengths to elect Bud “Do It Right” Childers to County Court-At-Law #1 last year. While Childers never set foot in a courtroom for the purpose of trying a case, somehow voters overlooked that and voted Childers, the candidate who said he would “do it right” by a few percentage points over his experienced Democratic trial lawyer opponent.

Then after a high profile crime where a student of Needville High School admitted to setting a fire to intentionally burn two buildings on the Needville campus, Childers displayed his expertise by recusing himself from hearing a motion on whether the boy should be tried as an adult.

From FortBendNow, here is why he did that:

“Childers recused himself from the case after receiving what he said were several emails and letters asking him to certify that the boy should be tried as an adult."

Childers said that he was getting too much emotionally-charged advice on how he should rule, and even mentioned that he was threatened by a Needville ISD administrator.

So you recuse yourself when you get people telling you how you should rule on a motion? Are you kidding? How bush league is that? As a judge, you just tell all those people to stop that because what they are doing is illegal. And if the story is true about the administrator, he should have been made to visit the inside of one of our county’s under-utilized facilities. What, did he have photos?

So now that visiting judge Dennis Watson of Montgomery County has done Childers’ dirty work and ruled to try the boy as a boy, Bud wants his case back. Because now he somehow thinks that a reason for recusing yourself from a case just suddenly vanishes?

That County Attorney Healey is not anxious to try this case in Childers’ court speaks volumes for his regard for his fellow Republican and former colleague.

I don’t think Bud has thought this one through. Wouldn’t this be a strong argument for overturning any decision made in Childers’ court on this case? It’s an appeal made in heaven that the boy’s attorney must be slobbering over as I write this.

Hopefully sanity will return to this process, and Childers can watch the case from the sidelines, just as he has done in the past.

Oh, and I have a new campaign slogan for Bud Childers’ next run for office, any office.

"Get it Right".


Mark Bankston, feared Warlord of "Teh Internets" said...

You betta believe I gotta big case of the told-ya-so's right now...

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Childers got more worried about this as a political time bomb and tried to dodge it all together. We need judges that don't take their marching orders from our edc DA!

Anonymous said...

I voted for the democratic candidate in this race after talking with Bud. He is useless!

InternetImposter said...

You were also right about Lampson too in September, but your right Mark it's time to circle the wagons.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into Bud Childers' "courtroom" knows that this man does not know what the role of a judge (or even a lawyer) is. First of all, you must be competent. Second of all you must be impartial. This man is neither.

It is scary to think that this man was once the County Attorney for Fort Bend. Now that he is directly responsible for impacting people's lives, people are starting to see just how incompetent this man really is.

He should be removed before more people get hurt by his senseless rulings (and refusals to rule). It's a good thing he's not a district court judge…he may have recused himself from presiding over a murder case because some killer's mother threatened to vote for another candidate if he sent her child to jail. Political pressure comes with the job. Didn’t they tell you that, BUD?

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but he is completely out of his league, does have a clue how to follow the law. Maybe can handle a DUI. Anyone who has been in his court knows --- he is in way over his head. Big time. Sad really.