Saturday, November 10, 2007

Now They’re Making Videos and Putting Them On “You Tube”

Do you know why we need to leave Iraq and let the Iraqis fight it out between themselves? Iraqis, or whatever country they came from, it doesn’t really matter, are now making videos of themselves shooting Stinger missiles at American Apache helicopters.

And posting them on You Tube.

Take this one for instance uploaded on Friday November 9th. One of two that I have found.

It starts off with text in Arabic that practically no one outside of the Middle East can read, and then cuts to a scene where a helicopter is seen off in the distance, a mere speck in the sky that they identify with a circle, and then you see and hear a Stinger missile probably launched from a hand held launcher off camera. It takes mere seconds to traverse the sky and hit the helicopter, all the while the video camera operator is exclaiming over and over again “Allahu-akhbar” – God is great.

Then the scene is repeated in slow motion. It isn't clear that the helicopter crashed, but from the the black smoke trail that arcs downward, it doesn't look good.

Bush, Cheney and their generals say that the Iraqis who are engaged in military and guerilla activities against American forces are on the run.

Does this look like a video that was shot by someone who has been put on the run?

End the insanity. It’s their war, Bush’s regime just started it and continue to keep our troops in the crossfire.

US out of Iraq, now.

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