Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Melissa Wins. No Dust Inhaled.

Well apparently there was a race for Position 3 on the Houston City Council. And apparently, Melissa Noriega, who trounced, ol’ what’s his name, oh yeah, ever present, ever opposing GOP candidate (except this is a non-partisan race, right?) Roy Morales, he of the lower teeth smile – well Roy Boy lost. Buh-bye Roy.

I can dance. Yes, I can. And I want to dance on the figurative and (hopefully final) campaign of Roy (can’t beat a woman, not even on a good day) Morales.

Roy, many blessings on your future. Just know that it doesn’t entail a term on the Houston City Council . Strike 3, Roy. Find another venue.

Melissa: many congratulations. I wish I could have contributed more to your campaign as in the past, but time, tides and opinions averted me and prevented me.

Many blessings upon you and the Senatorial candidate.

Oh yeah, that’s right. You are married to the sole Democratic nominee for US Senate, Rick Noriega.

You are Texas’ First Family.

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