Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Democracy For America Makes One Endorsement This Week: Rick Noriega

They were working on two but in the presidential pulse poll they conducted, no candidate was able to leap over the high bar they set. Like getting any progressive legislation passed in the Senate, the DFA people were asking for a 2/3rds majority vote before they would endorse that candidate.

And no one scored above 40%.

But the DFA was able to endorse their first candidate for the US Senate this week. And it is none other than our guy State Rep and Lieutenant Colonel Rick Noriega. The bar they set for this endorsement was to get 5000 “signatures” in a very short amount of time. Well that apparently did happen so the Noriega campaign not only scores a DFA endorsement, a place on their website, but also a campaign contribution.

You recall when I wrote the posting asking everyone to go over and “sign” the petition? Along the way I noticed that Dennis Kucinich was leading in the pulse poll. Well he came out on top as you can see on the results page. Everywhere else Kucinich polls at around 1%.

My guy Edwards polled in 3rd place behind Al Gore, who has said he won’t run.

Hillary’s in 5th place.

Now, you have to wonder. Were the results so topsy-turvy because it was an internet poll and only we internet activist geeks bothered to vote? I’m starting to wonder. What if it’s this: we all like our own personal choices for president for one reason or another, AND maybe we think that our choice is electable. But don’t most of us also like and admire the brave and steadfast positions of Dennis Kucinich? Completely unelectable as his brand of progresivism is viewed as extreme. So we had in the pulse poll a chance to cast a vote for Kucinich because we all think we would be crazy to do that in the primary. Crazy.

It’s true, isn’t it. I’m for immediate and complete troop withdrawal from Iraq.

So is Dennis Kucinich.

I’m for Universal Health Care – government provided and guaranteed health insurance.

So is Dennis Kucinich. He is an author of HR 676.

I’m for public funding of presidential races to take votes out of the hands of lobbies PACs and corporations.

So is Dennis Kucinich.

I think paperless electronic voting enables election fraud.

So does Dennis Kucinich.

I think that gay people should have the same rights as anyone else.

So does Dennis Kucinich.

The list goes on and on and on. Whatever Kucinich is for, so am I.

So why don’t I support Kucinich on this blog. Why is John Edwards’ campaign thumbnail on my sidebar?

What do you think I am, crazy?


Anonymous said...

You said it yourself... but no, I don't think you're crazy. The polls or mainstream media are controlling the public who to vote for. Their crowned "frontrunners" always get the most coverage so people don't know much about other candidates. People make fun of Dennis Kucinich but it's ironic; he's the MOST SERIOUS & CONCERNED candidate in the race. If Americans can only begin to think about "principles" over "electability" smokescreen that media fabricates; Dennis Kucinich will have more chance. But honestly, the guy can win if only Americans stop thinking the guy can't win. Honestly, his campaign is gaining strength. In some national polls, he placed 4th place. Only time will tell, what will happen next whether Americans will vote him the next President or America just need to learn & learn again that true change begins with you as voters --to take issues & integrity as priorities and not "image" when it comes to voting for your candidate... Thank you

Elizabeth said...

I have often wished that Kucinich would become the "puppet-master" of some electable candidate, a la Dick Cheney, but I guess he's too damned honest. Shucks.