Friday, November 30, 2007

Bye-Bye Exploration Committee; Hello Senate Campaign

It has been a long haul since Richard Morrison’s seminal blog posting urging Rick Noriega to run for US Senate – to be the first Democrat to take back a Texas statewide seat from the wheezing and flagging Republican Party. A long time gone by and a long row has been hoed.

And a longer one to come.

But at 7:30 AM on Monday December 3rd, Rick Noriega’s campaign will be having a grand sendoff party at the Taqueria Del Sol Hall, 8118 Park Place Boulevard, Houston (just east of Gulf Freeway & Broadway Street). Friends and elected officials will be there to share breakfast and a few stories, then send Rick off to Austin where he will walk into the headquarters of the Texas Democratic Party and file the papers necessary to put his name on the primary ballot for the election in March 2008.

Said the campaign spokesman:

“He will speak to supporters and present the requisite paperwork at the Texas Democratic Party headquarters. State party Chairman Boyd Richie will receive the filing papers, and state and local leaders who support Noriega’s bid for Senate will stand alongside him.”

The primary was all set to be a very hotly contested race between two contenders, Lt. Col and State Rep. Rick Noriega of Texas House District 145, and personal injury trial lawyer Mikal Watts, who was going to personally fund nearly all of his campaign expenses.

That contest will never happen, as Watts withdrew from the race when his name and law practice became intricately intertwined with the business of Mauricio Celis, whose name appeared in the news in some fairly bizarre circumstances, and who continues to have a hard time keeping his name out of the news.

Noriega’s other competition also bailed. Emil Reichstadt, a Dallas-based lawyer has opted out of the Senate race, and has set his sights on a local State House seat.

Currently Rick faces a new Democratic challenger, a 17-year veteran social studies teacher by the name of Ray McMurrey. As a fellow teacher, I have to ask myself just how McMurrey is going to find time to get on the campaign trail, unless we are talking sabbatical or leave of absence here. My advice to McMurrey: go for it, but aim lower. I know, with a Mick name it is going to be difficult if not impossible to win a race in south Texas because your surname doesn’t end in a vowel, but hey, Rick’s name does.

Think about that.


surnames said...

I think you're dismissing the sophistication of South Texas voters. Surname isn't the most important thing down there. In fact, Mikal Watts was doing better in South Texas than Noriega.

Hal said...

Oh yeah? Given this list, a list of elected officials in Hidalgo County, how can you expect me to believe that?

Not sayin' it isn't OK. Just sayin'.

surname said...

Actually, McMurrey does end in a vowel. A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y! In fact, McMurrey's name ends in more vowels than Noreiga's!

Also, McMurrey will be taking a leave of absence in January and February to barnstorm the state.

Hal said...

Oh yeah, thinking . . . nope.

Is a trailing Y after a vowel a consonant or a vowel? I'm thinking consonant but please feel free to pile on. Play. Is the y a consonant or a vowel? Pay. Clay. Say.

A good question to be dedicated to a qualified individual.

I think you know what I mean about a person whose name ends in a vowel. Mainly not Y or W which are typically the exceptions, right?

Nope, the man has a mick surname. I made the observation that in South Tejas, those surnames don't do well. Attend to the residing offices if you don't agree. Texas Weekly: KMB.

Reality to TW: what we have is what we have. It is not what I want. I wish it was otherwise, but we have our reality instead. Curse it.

Oh, and by the way, your guy hasn't a tinker's dam a chance. Mainly because we haven't a single idea about what this guy is for.

No, really. Is this guy a progressive or a DINO. I suspect the latter, and they (Repugnicans) are planting a voice to gum up the works.

Holy smokes, I never thought I'd be shilling for Lampson, but there you go. Everyone else is so much worse.

So far.