Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just Around the Corner: The Republican You Tube Debate

Remember the Democrats’ You Tube debate? Lots of people thought it was historic and groundbreaking, and I guess there is some truth to that. Witness CNN/You Tube's feature of a question that showed broad differences between the Democratic candidates, and spurred debate on whether Barack Obama was experienced enough for the task of President of the US.

And now the format is being presented to the Grand Old Pompous party for its digestion . . . or indigestion as the case may be.

As I recall, there was some hesitation, among the GOP candidates, to participate in this kind of debate format, maybe driven by what they witnessed at the Democratic event. But despite what we have all been hearing, all 8 of the GOP candidates plan on being there on Wednesday November 28th, at the St. Petersburg, Florida event.

I have flipped through a few of the submissions, found the ones produced by Republicans to be stodgy and boring (well, except for the one I show below), and the ones produced by progressives to be thought provoking to downright paranoid.

Here are a few of my favorites.

No one took Bush’s Executive Order of last July very seriously, but this guy certainly did.

This one probably won’t make the cut, but I thought it worth pointing out that there are some “Squirrely characters” out there who don’t like the fact that their front runner is sometimes found in the news wearing women’s clothing.

As a recent partaker of commercial air travel, I really have to get behind this question. I want this on the debate and I want to hear their answers.

This one goes with the first one. This guy is worried, too. Maybe I should be, too?

And last but not least (because I personally cherish this one), a question about Executive Privilege. And who knows, maybe a prediction?

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