Monday, November 05, 2007

Bush Coming to Houston to Support John “Rubber Stamp” Cornyn

In a news flash from the Noriega campaign today we get advance word that George Dubya Bush is coming to Houston in 3 days to help his dear old, old friend, rubber stamp and cheerleader John Cornyn.

Remember when he came to Sugar Land last year to support his old, old friend Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (that’s how she spelled her name before she became dehyphenated)? They had a big rally in a hangar at the Sugar Land municipal airport. You had to get tickets. This is not going to be the case this time. Bush is coming to attend 2 fundraiser events that are by invitation only. Location? It’s a secret. If you don’t know you haven’t been invited. Low rollers need not attend. Drop your $4600 in a jar at the door.

This is nonsense. Last week Dick Cheney came to Dallas (Dick Does Dallas?) to raise campaign funds for Cornyn, and guess who didn’t show up? Cornyn! He was too busy in Washington voting to deny children health insurance.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Cornyn voted Bush’s way on SCHIP, and then stole out of town to attend a ceremony at Ripley House. Ripley House is one of four project medical homes run by Texas Children's Hospital. They provide free or reduced cost services to uninsured children. Children that Cornyn had just voted against. The way he is standing there in this photo-op moment, it looks like he voted for SCHIP. What a despicable tool. Votes against the very children whose hospital he then goes to visit them. Says that Texas needs to do a better job of providing health care for “those kids”.

You have to hand it to John Cornyn: in duplicity, he has a corner on the market.

And that’s why Rick Noriega is going to win in November 2008. Rick has the integrity to do what he says he is going to do. Texans know this, or if they don’t, they will.

So what are we going to do about this? I’ll tell you what we are going to do. We are going to raise $50,000 on ActBlue for Rick in the next 3 days. We’re going to turn Dubya’s visit to Houston to support his rubber stamp into a Noriega Campaign Windfall.

They have a new page over on ActBlue set up just for this one fundraiser so go there and make your voice heard and your money count.

You can also click on the graphic at the top. It takes you to the same place.


american woman said...

I'm not a Cornyn fan, but you need to get one fact right. Bush did not deny children's health care. The program is in place, and he wanted to increase the amount of money spent. Fact, the SCHIPS program he vetoed considered a child to be to the age of 25, and a family income up to over $80,000, to be covered. A 25 year old is not a child and $80,000 a year is not poor. I'm not a Bush fan either.

Hal said...

Yet you sound exactly like a Bushie. Define child. In the insurance industry one can insure their offspring in family coverage until that offspring reaches the age of 25. Not my rule. Theirs. I believe the limit was 60,000 per annum income. This seems hefty but it depends on where you live. The cost of living in western Arkansas is vastly different from that of eastern New York.

I have my facts straight. I also have my heart in the right place. Can you say the same?

Rocky said...

Actually, American Woman is right. The limit is actually $104,000 becuase the House bill agreed to would account for over $40,000 in cost of living write offs. I encourage you to read the transcript between Rep. Burgess and Rep. Conyers. Additionally, insurance companies cut off at 23 and that could be sooner if dependent in not in college.

So, I encourage you to get your facts straight Hal.

Hal said...

My facts are fine. It's 25 years and $60,000. I take it you don't have 25-year old children who have been taken off your group plan.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hal. I thought this was supposed to be a blog, but you sanction people like ahmed ahmadinejad. Maybe the Dem's should move to iran.

Since you won't give the freedoms of others voicing there opinions, then you would fit right in.

My next blog will be about how the weak minded, are so close minded.

Hal= Help America Lose, Nice ring to it.