Sunday, December 02, 2007

Fort Bend County Smackdown On The Internets

In case you have been missing it, we have been having a tempest brewing on the internets that just blew its lid today.

Thankfully for me because I haven’t a clue what to write about today.

Where to begin?

Well, how about this: a new CD-22 blog appeared a few weeks back, one called CD-22 Watcher. It got my attention when I noticed a new blog link to one of my previous posts on the bevy of congressional candidates that the Republican Party wants to decide on in their seemingly fanatic crusade to oust my Democratic congressman, Nick Lampson, from the office that Tom DeLay handed over to him.

It was a blog about Judge James “Reverend Jim” Squier. CD-22 Watcher, it seems, because they say so, is a blog dedicated to the impartial analysis of all the Republican candidates running in the 2008 primary. The link to my posting was placed over the words “hated by the left”.

That’s right. It’s me. I’m “the left”. Bet you thought it was somebody else, didn’t you?

The new blog was noticed by others. Bev Carter in her weekly column (11/28/07) at the Fort Bend Star (Fort Bend County’s largest newspaper) noticed it and claimed that while it purports to be impartial, it was secretly a pro Dean Hrbacek blog.
“How dumb? His campaign staff started a very transparent web site that purports to be a fair look at all candidates running in Congressional District 22, but is very obvious authored by Hrbacek’s campaign staff. The “dumbness factor?” Even though the site is obviously authored by Hrbacek’s paid staff, it lacks the proper disclaimer, which can subject them to a daily fine.”
Dean Hrbacek is one of the Lucky 7 vying for the GOP nomination in CD-22.

Then come to find out, CD-22 Watcher has a “sister website” called CD-22 Rubbernecker. If you click back and forth between them, they look substantially similar although the graphics differ slightly – but you have to look close at some of them.

The authors of the blog postings, as it turns out, are known to me, but they sign all postings with the pseudonym “Miz Litton”. Miz Litton? Is that just lucky or is it a transposition of two letters from the original “Liz Mitton”?

Bringing us to the lid blower posting that appeared on Susan Bankston’s “Kiss My Big Blue Butt” not-a-blog this afternoon. It seems that Susan has been accusing Liz of being the one behind CD-22 Watcher, pointed it out twice by showing her readers how the address LMITTON appeared in two hidden places on her blog, and about how the same RSS feed came from Mitton’s other blogger website, the now defunct Save Our Schools website.

As soon as these things get pointed out, according to Susan, they get deleted, and Mitton follows up with emails to her list of fans saying that Susan is wrong because she is a Democrat.

And now the coup de grace: today’s posting that shows a movie – the proof is, as they say, in the pudding.

There’s way lots more to the story and I suspect it will continue to unfold.

I just want to know this: what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is a “Freeholder”?

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