Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fort Bend GOP: Battling Fundraisers

Just when you think things are going to calm down a bit with the Republicans of Fort Bend County, someone fires another cannon into the deck. Here with the holiday season upon us, carolers going door to door, autos packed with children moving slowly through decorated neighborhoods, now we have the Fort Bend “C Club” announcing that they were going to party down after the primary with Tony Snow.

It’s all there at FortBendNow.

If you don’t live around here, you probably don’t know what the “C Club” is. The C Club, “C” is for Conservative, is a new PAC consisting of moderate conservatives where members are strictly by invitation only, and they have to plunk down a hefty $1500 fee just for the honor of being included on the exclusive membership list. Members include former officers of the Fort Bend GOP and others who are disaffected by recent goings on within the local party.

The question is asked at FortBendNow: if you are going to have to decide which event are you going to plunk down your usual $10,000 (yes folks, they are loaded) for, the FBGOP’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner featuring Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael L. Williams and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Brian Birdwell as guest speakers, or the C Club’s own gala a mere month later that features former Bush press secretary and now Fox News commentator Tony Snow, which would you opt for?

So county Republicans are either going to have to pony up twice the price to attend both, or make a choice between the radical fringe’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner featuring what’s-their-names, or the moderate’s par-tée with Tony Snow.

And in so-doing, by the way, making your opinion heard on who should be running the show in Fort Bend.

By the way, the C Club is such a copycat. This is a blatant knockoff of the Begala Gala held by the Fort Bend Democrats in October of ’06, where we had former Clinton advisor and present CNN commentator Paul Begala as guest speaker.

Oh well, as they say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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