Sunday, June 15, 2008

John Cornyn Reports for Target Practice

I like irony. This afternoon, as I was browsing through the videos from the Republican Party of Texas’ convention looking for something to comment on, finding lots, I settled on showing a You Tube video that I happened upon completely by chance.

LTC Rick Noriega, the Democratic nominee for US Senator from Texas, is at this moment with his unit, the Alamo Brigade, a unit which has its roots in the volunteers who died for Texas independence in 1836. And while he is with his unit training them for deployment to Iraq, John Cornyn at the same time was videoed playing with his shotgun.

Now that’s what I call ironic.

Ironic in that while on the one hand we have Rick Noriega, who has served his country in Afghanistan and on the US Border getting his troops ready for real battle, John Cornyn practices by aiming at and blasting to smithereens these clay pigeons.

While Rick Noriega serves his country and the men and women in his unit, John Cornyn serves his ego.

Ironic that while Rick Noriega trains his troops so that they can be safe in the face of an unknown enemy, John Cornyn makes certain that these troops are under equipped in the field and unrewarded after their tour of duty ends.

Here’s John Cornyn at his training exercise:

And here is Rick Noriega’s introductory video shown at the TDP Convention this month:

You tell me who you want working for you in Washington, DC. Rick Noriega or the guy who shoots skeet.


Anonymous said...

is it just me, or does cornyn look fat in that video?

he should think about losing some of that weight. I recommend he eliminate meals with lobbyists from his schedule. studies show that men with waists bigger than their inseams have lots of health problems, and dinners at all those fine restaurants with well-heeled lobbyists can really put the weight on a senator.

keeping his weight down will help his blood pressure, too, no doubt. that's a stressful job, being a senator.

Hal said...

Now, I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, maybe that's the other reason that they call him "Big John".

jolie said...

hahaahah, I just saw the big bad john cornyn video over on BOR - it's HIGH-larious!

Hal said...

Yes, Jolie, I saw that first on the RPT's website and thought and thought about the ridicule I could heap upon this misbegotten video. But realized that if I could visualize a parody of Big Bad John, so could others of my ilk. So I went beyond the obvious and went to something that I doubt the Repubs would have found offense with. A harmless (and somebody said overweight) man demolishing harmless clay pigeons.

Oh so inspiring for our troops.