Thursday, June 26, 2008

Noriega Wins Boxer's Pac For Change Contest

You did it.

Twenty-five thousand of you went to Senator Barbara Boxer's Pac For Change website and voted for Texas' Democratic nominee for the US Senate, Rick Noriega.

Rick's campaign won!

Thanks to you, Rick Noriega's campaign will now rake in tens of thousands of dollars of needed campaign funds to run up against (Big Bad) John Cornyn's millions.

The news just keeps on coming. Rick Noriega and John Cornyn are in a statistical tie in a recent Texas poll. While Rick trails Cornyn by 2%, the poll has a 4.5% error bar.

The Texas US Senator seat in 2008 is a toss up!

Now there's one more thing to do. June 30th fast approaches. This is the FEC reporting period deadline. Time now to kick in a couple of dead presidents before the reporting period ends because we all know, it's the bottom line that attracts new contributions from new contributors.

Once this race is seen as winnable by even more of us, this thing is going to snowball.

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