Tuesday, June 03, 2008

McCain Speaks in Louisiana Tonight

Getting the jump on both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before his avid followers all have to go to bed, John McCain addressed his supporters in Kenner, Louisiana this evening. Kenner is a suburban town north of New Orleans. It has New Orleans’ airport within its city limits.

So it is not a surprise that John McCain decried the poor response that George W. Bush’s regime had to the humanitarian crisis in the days and weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit the area with such monumental devastation. He spoke so emotionally of a government that could not deliver bottled water to the mouths of dehydrated babies.

I heard that and asked myself: “where was John McCain when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast?” Then I remembered. He was there waiting on the tarmac in his home state of Arizona, waiting for his great friend George W. Bush to arrive on Air Force One. On the occasion of Bush's birthday. This is an event that has photographic proof.

He spoke of how broken government is in Washington, DC, this in spite of the fact that he, himself as served in that self same federal government for 26 years. He spoke of his years and years and years and years of experience, as opposed to that of his “young opponent”, in spite of the fact that with all of his years of experience he could not see through the obfuscation and outright lies of the Bush Regime in the run up to the War in Iraq, yet his young inexperienced opponent saw them clearly.

This is the guy we have to beat in November? Holy smokes. I’m not letting down my guard just yet, but I am starting to ask myself, can the Republicans make this thing any easier?


Earl said...

The Texas ballot access window closed a few days ago with only the Libertarian Party (which gets automatic ballot access from getting 5% of the statewide vote for one of their candidates in 2006) making it onto the ballot. The Green Party and Ralph Nader will have to be content with write-in votes. This means that while McCain will lose votes to Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, Obama won't have anyone on the Texas ballot on his Left to siphon off votes. Usually it's no big deal, but this year . . .

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Minor correction - the cake was for McCain's birthday (his 69th).

Good blog. I've added you to my blogroll of "Lefties I love."