Friday, June 13, 2008

My Email Message From Senator Jim Webb

Well, hey. I got an email message from Senator Jim Webb (D - Virginia). Right about this time 2 years ago Jim Webb found himself in exactly the same position that our Texas senatorial candidate LTC and State Rep Rick Noriega finds himself now. Well, except for the fact that right at the moment, Rick is with his unit, the Texas National Guard’s Alamo Brigade, training for their deployment to Iraq later this year.

Webb emerged from the Virginia primary victorious and ready to face off a formidable Republican incumbent in former Senator George Allen, an incumbent with a formidable war chest courtesy of corporate PACs and lobbyists. The race was an uphill battle that was tipped by a particularly intemperate gaffe on the part of Allen, with his “Macaca Moment.”

Here is what Senator Allen shared with me today:

Dear Hal,

When I was elected to the Senate in 2006, I pledged to help elect more like-minded veterans to Congress. In short, I believe our nation will benefit from having more members of the House and Senate who understand from personal experience the challenges faced by our military service members and their families, and who will work to redirect this nation's misguided foreign policy of the past seven years.

In Texas, voters have a unique opportunity to elect just such a candidate to the United States Senate. Rick Noriega is a member of the Texas Army National Guard who spent a year serving our nation in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001. Rick continues to serve today. I am pleased to support Rick.

Rick understands that America needs to change its course: end the occupation of Iraq responsibly; take on the rising energy and health care costs that have increased the gap between the rich and poor; and reward the work of America's middle-class instead of the connections of the special interests that too often dominate our debates.

As a veteran, Rick knows what it is like to serve. He understands the importance of taking care of our veterans when they return from service. Rick has been a strong supporter of my new GI Bill to fully fund the education of our next greatest generation. Having served alongside many of these men and women, he knows full well the sacrifices they have made, and the challenges they face as they transition from military service back to the civilian world.

I want Rick Noriega by my side in Congress to bring the change our country so urgently needs. I hope you will join me and help support Rick's campaign before the June 13th deadline.

His election is going to be a tough race. But with his record of service -- both in the military and in the community -- he is up to the challenge.

Almost two years ago to the day, I emerged from a primary facing an incumbent with a $10 million war chest and the support of a full range of special interests. At that moment, we may have lacked resources, but we had a committed army of volunteers, a strong message, and a distinguished record of leadership. With the support of people just like you, we won the election and helped change the face of the Senate.

Rick Noriega has the same opportunity today, but he will need our help. I hope you will join me in supporting Rick by making a contribution to his campaign today.

We can help Rick Noriega beat the odds and win in November.


Jim Webb
US Senator

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