Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nick Lampson: An Obama Superdelegate; Al Gore: A Super Cut-Up

Now on my update to yesterday’s post where I discovered, belatedly, that Texas’ CD 22 congressman, Nick Lampson, had indeed changed his superdelegate status from uncommitted to Obama I mentioned that it took place on June 10th, but I didn’t cite the source. I found it here.

This is not only the right move, in terms of getting the Democratic Party together, it is also the correct one. Correct in that Congressman Lampson represents a district that voted for Barack Obama by a 6.8% margin – 53.4% to 46.6%.

This despite the sadly mistaken notions of Linda Starr, who vowed not to support this superdelegate in his re-election campaign if he were to vote against the wishes of his constituents.

Didn't happen.

Ms. Starr should know that Nick has provided plenty of reasons for his constituents to be put out by his votes, but this is not one of them. Nick votes with the people on this one.

Did anyone know that Al Gore was a tremendous speaker? He is. But now Al Gore turns out to be quite a cut-up as well. In his endorsement speech last night, this quotation is the one that summarizes so well why Democrats and Independents, and even a few thinking Republicans, should cast their votes for Barack Obama this November:

“If you bought poisoned lead-filled toys from China or adulterated medicine made in China, if you bought tainted pet food made in China, you know that elections matter. After the last eight years even our dogs and cats have learned that elections matter.”

Or you can watch the whole thing right here:

What a Supercut-up.


Anonymous said...

That is stupid.

A super delegate has NO allegiance to voting with their constituents for a presidential candidate. They are independent just like every other delegate.

Especially on June 10th when the decision has already been made.

Not exactly a rousing endorsement, but a safe one.

Hal said...

In most cases I would agree with you, Anon, but in my very humble opinion, there is a portion of the superdelegate body that should display a certain degree of allegiance to the preference of the voters in their representative areas - US Congressmen.

Agreed, a commitment on June 10th was safe, but that is what Nick told us what to expect.

Now if only we can get him to agree with us on FISA, the GI Bill and clean beaches. . .