Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let’s Put Rick Noriega First in Barbara Boxer’s Choose A Challenger Contest

Now that Rick Noriega has returned from training with his Alamo Brigade, during which time, I am told, Democratic supporters from all over surpassed the Noriega Campaign’s goal of plunking 75 grand down to “Fill Rick’s Boots”, out comes California Senator Barbara Boxer’s “Choose a Challenger” contest.

Barbara Boxer’s PAC for Change promises to put the winner’s name into her PAC for Change nationwide email distribution, and this could mean tens of thousands in American currency for Rick Noriega’s war chest.

Why not go to the website . . .by clicking RIGHT HERE, scrolling down, and then clicking in the radio button next to “Rick Noriega (TX)”. You have to provide an email address but that’s all.

C’mon everyone. We did this before and got 5 large for Rick from the Democracy for America contest, we can do it again.

Let’s get this done and give Rick the tools and equipment that he is going to need in his all out frontal assault on “Big Bad John” this year.

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