Friday, June 20, 2008

Noriega to Cornyn: Support Our Troops

Now my guess is that this is all pretty much moot now, but here I am again practically expecting the worst to occur. Texas’ junior senator John Cornyn votes against our troops over and over again. But now the new GI Bill, section 3003 of HR 2642 has just passed the House with a final vote of 416 to 12, with my congressman, Nick Lampson, finally voting for it.

It goes to the senate now.

In a huge flip flop that signals the beginning of an increasingly irrelevant presidency, Bush has promised to sign the bill.

Now all we need to see is the Senate approve the bill and I think that’s a shoe-in. A lot of people took some heat for voting against this bill. But that hasn’t stopped Rick Noriega from keeping the burner turned on high under John Cornyn as he has organized yet another online petition for we voters to sign to urge Cornyn to vote for the bill.

Here is the You Tube video that the Noriega campaign has uploaded that includes veterans of Pearl Harbor up to the Gulf War exhorting John Cornyn to vote for the GI Bill when it comes to the Senate.

Now go and sign the petition. No, go now, I’ll wait here.

John Cornyn votes with his president except if it has to do with illegal immigrants, then he votes with all of those who endeavor to whip up a public anti-immigrant frenzy. So I imagine that the odds are that he will vote with his president on this one, even if he and a mere 24 others stood against the bill the last time it came around.

So do I think that “Big Bad John” will vote for this bill this time? Probably. But go and sign the petition anyway.

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