Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Iran They Are Charging “Bullet Fees”

And just when you think things can’t get worse in Iran, things got worse in Iran.

According to this story in the Wall Street Journal, relatives who want to collect the remains of their murdered kin from the morgue are being asked to pay a “bullet fee” before they will release the corpse of their relatives so they can bury them.

A $3000 bullet fee.

This puts Iran on the same moral ground as China, which has, in the past, charged family members a “bullet fee” for the bullet that they fired into the heads of people that they perform capital punishment upon.

Last year China charged 3400 of these fees.

But in Iran, the story is particularly heart-wrenching because in this case, a family’s only son, 19-year-old Kaveh Alipour, was a non-combatant. He was not involved in the demonstrations but was merely caught out in the streets on his way home from his acting class.

Where he was shot in the head.

As the story unfolds, we learn that the morgue charging the bullet fee finally waived the requirement when Kevan’s parents explained that the sum total of their possessions didn’t add up to $3000, and that the father was a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War.

So they let them take their son’s body on condition that they not bury him in Tehran.

Funerals, I take it, are bit of an embarrassment for the Iranian government these days.


Anonymous said...

The Iran situation is a mess.

Let's hope President Obama doesn't "see how this plays out" for 444 days and then get Jimmy Carter to give him advice.

Hal said...

I suppose you rate a decision to send in Delta Force in a bold but botched rescue mission as indecisive.

You guys are just full of opinion on what Obama isn't doing, but you yourselves have no actual ideas at all, do you?

The days of unilateral imperialist action on foreign soil are over.

Anonymous said...

Botched. Pretty much sums up Jimmy Carter's four year reign.

Anonymous said...

I never have said I have all the answers, but I'd like a President that doesn't invite the representatives of the murderous thugs to Fourth of July celebrations. Too much to ask?

Hal said...

No, Anon. You are too generous toward yourself. You don't have ALL the answers, you don't have ANY answers. I may be Half Empty, but you are an empty vessel. You have nothing to bring to the table.

The party of new ideas has become the party of no ideas. You epitomize that.

Oh, and on the 'botched' thing. If memory serves, while Jimmy Carter served in the military, he himself was not on that ill-fated mission and was not personally responsible for its failure. But that didn't keep you people from pointing the finger nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

Carter "was not personally responsible for its failure."

Harry Truman would be so proud. Where did the "buck stop" on this one?

And I assume your supportive of having the representatives of the oppressive Iranian government over for July 4th celebrations? I do have an answer on this crazy idea--withdraw the invitations. But I guess your supportive of this?

Hal said...

The word "your" is an English word that denotes you possessive. As in "the lame idea that you have," or "your lame idea."

You use this interchangeably with the contraction for "you are" or "you're."

As in "you're someone with far too much time on his hands and needs to get another life."

Anonymous said...

I don't know English well. The buck stops here with that and I'll take responsibility for it.

Now for Jimmy Carter...he's not responsible.