Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God Help the Girl

You might recall awhile back that I got off my soapbox one day and touted a new Scottish girl group with the improbable name of “God Help the Girl.” I then followed up with a video embed of what they called an “Introduction.”

And that was where I was going to leave it until I remembered yesterday that June 23rd was the American release date of their first album, entitled, of course, “God Help the Girl.”

The song on track 2 on the album is, of course, entitled “God Help the Girl.”

Well I knew that while the girl group is not entirely unknown, it being an offshoot of the Scottish group “Belle and Sebastian,” I would probably not be able to purchase the CD off the shelf at my local music or book store.

But then we have the internets now, don’t we?

So you can now purchase the CD online here for $11.29 (plus shipping). Or here for $12.99 (plus shipping). Or here for 15.99 (plus shipping). Or here for ₤13.00 (plus shipping – from the UK).

Or you can cherry pick and just download the songs you like from iTunes for 99 cents apiece.

So you have lots of options, don’t you?

I went with option 1. In three days, now, I will have my copy. Then I will be able to listen to the angelic voices of this girl group any old time I want to.

UPDATE: The CD arrived on Saturday, and yes it met all of my expectations. It comes with a multipage booklet that spells out the narrative - the story of a 1st year college student who slowly descends into deep depression, her battle, and the slow climb out of the hole she dug herself.

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