Saturday, June 20, 2009

They’re Shooting People in Iran

Demonstrations in Iran took an ugly turn today. When the Supreme Leader came out with his opinion on the elections, that they were, to use code words here, fair and balanced, Iranians stopped protesting the election, stopped chanting anti Ahamadinejad slogans, and turned against their Supreme Dictator, chanting “Death to Ali Khamenei.”

Khamenei warned them not to demonstrate anymore, threatening violence, but the Iranians are apparently cut from some pretty stiff cloth. They came out today in defiance. The threw rocks and started fires.

And got shot at for their trouble.

Here is a You Tube video showing one such altercation, Young men mostly, throwing stones at a building that houses Basij Militia.

Warning, pools of blood.

From what I gather, the young man later died.

By the way, if you want to personally register your outrage and live in the Houston area, there will be a candlelight vigil at the Water Wall in the Galleria area of Houston on Post Oak. It will be at 8 PM sharp and won’t go for a very long time. The organizers’ website is here. And here is a map.


Anonymous said...

When is it time to "meddle?"

Hal said...

Actually, never.

We did our meddling back in 1953 and they knew it, still know it when Americans have all lost their memory of it, and have never forgotten about it - as we have.

No when we toppled a democratically elected government and replaced it with a monarch we also traded in our "right" to meddle in the affairs of that country forever.