Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let’s Boycott Olive Garden

In one of the most ill-timed moves of the year, a chain of mediocre Italian food restaurants known as Olive Garden has announced that they are ending their sponsorship and pulling their ads on David Letterman’s talk show “Late Night.”

Did they not hear? The Palin/Letterman feud is like “The Sopranos.”

It’s over.

But apparently not.

From Politico:

“In an e-mail to a Letterman critic obtained by POLITICO, a spokeswoman for the Italian restaurant chain wrote that ‘there will be no more Olive Garden ads scheduled for “The Late Show” with David Letterman in this year's broadcast schedule,’ citing the talk show host’s ‘inappropriate comments.’”

“‘We apologize that Mr. Letterman’s mistake, which was not consistent with our standards and values, left you with a bad impression of Olive Garden,’ wrote Sherri Bruen, the company’s guest relations manager.”

Well, that tears it. Olive Garden. Not only do you serve mediocre food but your service is horrible. Putting the word Italian next to restaurant in reference to your food chain is a travesty.

So until they start advertising on Letterman, let’s boycott Olive Garden.

Boycott Olive Garden.

And if you get a yen, and need an Italian food fix, and you live in the Houston area, there is no better place to spend your money than right here.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I wished I had tuned in to your blog earlier today; I just returned earlier in the evening from dinner at Olive Garden. It seems like Olive Garden is trying to put its nose into some business that is “not” its business and/or take a stand on and be apart of some erroneous “perceived” issue that is” “not” really an issue because it was “handled” before it become an issue that really was not an issue in the first place but was escalated by those on the Right in an effort to be one.

Anonymous said...

While you and I don't agree on much of anything political, I'll join this boycott with you. Matter of fact, I've been on this boycott since the first, and only, time I went to Olive Garden.

Hal said...

Anon 1 and Anon 2:


A night at Nick's beats any odd night at Olive Garden.


Susan said...

All I needed was a good excuse to NEVER have to eat at the Olive Garden again. Their food rises to the same level of crappiness that the decency of how they treat their employees hits.

Anonymous said...

I never really liked Olive Garden that much. Its been about.... 6 years since I've last eaten there. It won't be missed. I'm wondering though if we should boycott all of Darden Concepts chains. This includes Red Lobster, The Bahamas Breeze, The Capital Grille, Long Horn Steakhouse, and Season 52. Neither one of them pique my interest though. So, this will be easy.

Anonymous said...

Already sent Olive Garden a message via their web site. I will not be going. In fact we skipped my son's birthday party their today.. all nine of us dined across the street at Applebee's instead. I'll be glad to give them by 200 bucks plus tip before I give it to OG. Only a republican would not get a joke.. never did think it was about anyone other that Bristol Palin, the one who was knocked up out of wedlock in the very house of gov. Palin, but as we know family values do not include those that speak out in support of it (ie. Gingrich, Barr, Palin Etc) but only to rack up points with the religious right.

Anonymous said...

Hal seems to be more energized to boycott OG than he is to get restititution for slavery victims. Distorted priorities? Or taking a loyal block of voters for granted?

Hal said...

So much to do, so little time.

Anonymous said...

I agree. But your priority is OG and not restitution? Neglected again.