Friday, June 19, 2009

Olive Garden Backpedals

Well Politico reported yesterday, based on receipt of internal Olive Garden email forwarded to it, that Olive Garden was pulling its ads from the David Letterman show “Late Night.”

It seemed pretty conclusive to me, and so I called for a boycott on Olive Garden.

I was not alone, as it turns out.

And as it turns out, many out there have the same sentiments with regard to the quality of their food and also how horribly they treat their employees (something that I was not aware of).

And today Politico is reporting that the source of that email message was not an authorized spokesperson and that Olive Garden was not pulling their ads.

From Politico:

“‘No authorized spokesperson for the company confirmed the information in his report,’ Jeffers said. ‘The Olive Garden media schedule is planned months in advance. The schedule for the Late Show with David Letterman was completed earlier this month. We take all guest concerns seriously. And, as always, we will factor those concerns in as we plan our advertising schedule in the future.’”

“When asked about the cancellation confirmation POLITICO obtained from the company’s media relations office, Jeffers responded in an email that the individual listed as the press contact on the company’s website was unauthorized to speak for the company.”

“‘The so called ‘confirmation’ didn’t come from an authorized spokesperson for the company. The guest email you received did not say any ads were pulled. And as our statement says, the schedule — which is set months in adv
ance — was completed earlier this month.’”

I don’t know about you, but this “unauthorized spokesperson” explanation has so many holes in it you could play 100 rounds of golf on it and not visit the same hole twice.

Still, if you are an aficionado of 2nd rate lasagna or those phallic breadsticks of theirs, I guess it’s safe to go back in the water.

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Anonymous said...

well now I am going to boycott Olive Garden for making a poor choice and not sticking up for what they believed in...