Monday, June 15, 2009

The Obamadomino Effect

Now because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won in last Friday’s election, people in the media are saying that this is evidence that The Obama Effect, given credit for the election of pro-Western moderates in Lebanon after his Cairo speech, had no effect on Persians.

I beg to differ.

It was an Obama Effect in reverse that actually affected the outcome in Iran.

What about this? What about the Supreme Leader in Iran, upon seeing what happened in Lebanon, and hearing in the news about hopes that the Obama speech to the Muslim world will have similar effect in the Iranian elections simply chose to be the spoiler here.

Chose to be the spoiler by commanding the vote count to be rigged so that Obama would be denied another victory - in his country now.

And chose to do it in such a way that a rigged election was obvious to anyone.

After all, Iran and the United States have one thing in common. The voters who support the hard liners live in the rural districts of Iran. They are also less well educated. Contrast that to the urban voters -70% of all voters in Iran live in cities - who are more pro-Western and better educated.

Polls external to Iran were showing that Ahmadinejad would be turned out of office by a significant margin.

And finally, how does it happen that millions of paper ballots are all counted within hours of the closing of the polls? We Americans are used to seeing national elections results by 10 PM (as in last November). But we have machines to count these votes. They don’t.

No, the election was rigged, and it was rigged because the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wanted to ensure that the Obama Effect didn’t have the same effect in Iran as it did in Lebanon. And now I see it that former congressman Joe Scarborough has the same idea.

And now we are seeing a continuation of The Effect in the 2 days of riots taking place in Tehran. And Ayatollah Ali Khamenei caving to the Mousavi request for an investigation of the election.

This Effect seems to be evolving before our very eyes. It might even have to be renamed.

I nominate “The Obamadomino Effect.”

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Anonymous said...

True and on target as usual.

I hope I do not ruffle anyone’s feathers on the left or the right by saying that it is hard to hate us, the Americans of the USA, as much as before, because seeing the reality and the possibility that a man of color who has a universal resemblance to many other people of color throughout the world, in my humble opinion, makes us a country easier to be related to; and, easier to be understood, identified with, and easier to find common ground with others in the world. Whether real or perceived, we look like our Democratic process of government that we profess to the world is working. So, whenever it is not the “Obama Effect," then surely, it must be: “The Obamadomino Effect”.