Monday, June 27, 2011

Congressman Flake for President

The latest entrant in the ever-widening field of Leprechauns who want to run against Barack Obama next year just got wider, and more diminished, with the official announcement by Michele “Flake” Bachmann that she was in it.

This just a day after Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked her whether or not she was a flake.

And I guess since she is spending so much time in Iowa these days, one would wonder if that moniker might be amended to “corn flake.”

And no, I don’t think Michele Bachmann is a flake. Bi-polar maybe, but not a flake.

No, really, bi-polar. She is really two different people. She is the cool rational woman who speaks calmly in a low-toned voice, and then she is the wild-eyed woman with the wild ideas who screeches them in a voice that is a full octave higher in pitch.

I was busily assembling a video collage to prove my point when I found that TPM had already done my job for me. Listen to Michele Bachman tell an interviewer on October 19, 2008 in a calm sure voice that she never said Barack Obama was anti-American and then 2 days earlier caught on tape saying that she absolutely thinks Barack Obama may have anti-American views. This time with wide eyes and a voice a full octave higher and 20 decibels louder.

Now you could say that Bachmann was being truthful in that she denied saying that Barack Obama was anti-American because she said that she absolutely thought that he may be anti-American. You could say that and have a point.

A very fine point that fails the BS test.

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Marsha said...


GW used to scare me spitless with his decisions but can you imagine a ticket of Bachmann and Palin. Neither one could find Russia, Iran, and maybe England on a map. Our foreign policy with those two in power would be zero. I have gotten somewhat used to this being a global economy but Jeez, we would be in the toilet.