Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations

That’s a quote from the last scene of a Harry Callaghan movie called “Magnum Force.” Its translation goes something like don’t attempt something you know you haven’t the skills to do a proper job. It’s something Mitt Romney should become aware of if he is to make it as a presidential candidate.

Mitt Romney has no sense of humor at all. He should become aware of that fact. Because when Mitt Romney thinks up a joke all by himself, and then utters it, chances are it will come out wrong.

Like the other day when Romney was sitting in a Florida coffee shop talking to people who are unemployed, listening to their strategies for getting back to work, when he suddenly interjects “I should tell my story. I am also unemployed.”

Now they all seemed to laugh, but then you only have to take a second and see what actually just transpired and you have to conclude that Mitt Romney is either an asocial geek, or has absolutely no sense of humor.

A rich guy telling a bunch of unemployed middle class workers that he is also unemployed pretty much belittles their unemployed plight. Romney doesn’t have to work another day in his life. Neither do his kids for that matter. For these middle class people, unemployment has far greater consequences.

So Mitt Romney simply has to learn about his own limitations, and one of them is that he has no sense of humor. This will be crucial should he get the nomination and has to come up with a running mate. A running mate who will need a well-developed sense of humor. Then they can operate like Martin and Lewis, the Veep tells the jokes and he gets the girl.

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