Friday, June 24, 2011

Straus: Anti-Groping Bill Would Turn Texas “Into a Laughingstock”

Adjourning suddenly today, the Texas State House failed to take up any new business, in particular Rick Perry’s requested “Anti-Groping Bill,” because a quorum could not be reached.

You need 2/3ds of the body to be present, or 100 Members, or no business can be carried out. Only an estimated 80 Members were present this morning.

Obviously there was no desire on the part of the state reps to seriously consider Rick Perry’s request that they move forward on passage of HB 41, the so-called anti-groping bill that makes is a Class A misdemeanor for any TSA officer in Texas airports to knowingly touch a traveler’s “anus, sexual organ, buttocks or breast.”

Personally, I think Perry just wanted them to pass a law with the word “anus” in it.

Speaker Joe Straus had strong words against taking up this bill saying that if they passed this bill it would turn Texas “into a laughingstock.”

Well I have news for Speaker Straus. The state of Texas, courtesy of its nincompoop governor, already is a laughingstock. The state of Texas is the only state out of 34 and the District of Columbia which has passed anti-texting while driving legislation, only to have the governor veto it because it constituted too much government overreach.

And guess who voted for this guy? 2,737,481 Texans.

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