Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Draft Wendy Davis for US Senate

There is a “Draft Wendy Davis” group now up on Facebook. You can find it here. You can join but you have to be approved. I just sent my request. I hope they let me in.

Here is why Wendy Davis would be a perfect choice to run against David Dewhurst or Dan Patrick, the two Republicans that are expected to duke it out for the nomination: her recent successful filibuster against a bad public education bill threw her into the limelight. When parents (who are also voters) go to the polls in November 2012 they will have had to live with what Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst supported and Wendy Davis opposed. They will be so ready to vote against these people who sold their children’s education down the river.

There is another reason, though. The guy who is being put out there as the Democratic nominee, General Sanchez, has a couple of problems following him around. One problem is called Abu, the other is called Graib.

Really? We want to see those photographs of stacks of naked Iraqis again on a Republican hit piece? You know that would be coming if Sanchez is the nominee. This is Texas after all.

And finally, it looks like the State Senate district boundaries are going to go against re-electing Senator Davis. We’d lose this very excellent and effective State Senator because of Republican gerrymandering. But the district’s loss would be Texas’ gain.

And now I see that there is a “Draft Wendy Davis” on Twitter. Google it. I don’t twit.

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