Thursday, June 30, 2011

On Name-Calling and Civility

The Right simply has lost all sense of decorum, all sense of respect, all sense of what is proper. Today on MSNBC conservative news commentator Mark Halperin succumbed to this decline of civility by calling President Barack Obama a d…, a d…, the shortened version or nickname of Richard. Here’s the video of the moment as well as his on the air apology.

The remark was allowed out because a new producer in the control room did not know where the 7-second delay button was and failed to catch and bleep the word.

Halperin was subsequently suspended from MSNBC. I really don’t like Mark Halperin’s regressive opinions so I won’t be missing seeing him on TV. I don’t like his opinions but I always respected his right to have them. Now I’ve lost all respect for the man.

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