Saturday, June 25, 2011

Will the Nightmare End?

State Senator Wendy Davis (D – Fort Worth) has an op/ed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram where she summarized the disaster that was the 82nd Legislature, a disaster that continues in the special session called by Rick Perry so they could, among other things, pass a law that would criminalize body searches in Texas airports.

Her points are well-reasoned and there is a general mood of disappointment that pervades her column. This is how it finishes.
“I think many Texans join me today in feeling deeply disappointed. For the first time in Texas' known history, student enrollment growth will not be funded. The approximately 170,000 new students entering the school system during the new two years will have to be absorbed with fewer resources and fewer teachers.”

“Already ranked 44th nationally in what it spends on education per pupil, Texas' further funding decrease will have a consequence in the classroom, there is no doubt.”

“Perhaps it will have another consequence as well. Just perhaps, in the next election, everyday Texans will let us know that their voices, those of the greater good, are more important than those extremists who currently hold sway in the halls of the Texas Capitol.”
Disappointed? Disillusioned? Disgusted?  Yes, yes and yes. And ready for the legislature to wrap up next week, too.

The Texas Democratic Party has a summary video of the real costs that the GOP super majority visited on us this year.

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