Monday, December 17, 2012

Maybe This Time…

Maybe this time, now that we have massacred 1st graders in the news, maybe this time we can get something done about guns that have no earthly reason to exist other than to massacre innocents.
It is tragic that it takes this kind of vile action to do something, but in reading the news today I think it’s actually going to happen.
And by what measure to I make this projection? This snippet that I have excised from a piece in the Huffington Post:
“After high-profile shootings, debate over gun control can cause consumer demand for guns to rise, government records have shown. Industry experts say fears that stricter laws will follow such incidents push people to stock up on firearms before regulators can clamp down. But last weekend’s spike in business was unprecedented, gun shop owners in California, Connecticut and North Carolina told HuffPost.”
See? It has happened before after news of a gun massacre. Americans go to gun shops and gun shows after some people get killed in case there is a restriction on guns as a result. This time, the turnout was, ”unprecedented.”
People must really believe that this time it’s going to happen. If that is the case then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, doesn’t it?

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