Thursday, December 13, 2012

No Dice for Rice

Susan Rice is one class act. She took a look around and saw what Republicans were going to do to the beginning of President Obama's second term and decided that what they were doing was going to hurt our country.
Now on one level, conscious intention to cause harm to our country just borders on treason. John McCain made no bones about the fact that he would try to block her confirmation at all costs. Block her confirmation because, as he alleges, she is not a bright woman.
This from the man who gave the nod to Sarah Palin as his running mate.
Irony of ironies. A Rhodes Scholar Sarah Palin is not.
Anyway, it looks like it will be John Kerry as SecState because Republicans are leaning over backwards signaling that he will be a shoe-in. A transparent attempt by the GOPers to give Scott Brown a mulligan - something that was apparent in Brown's "I'll be back" farewell speech in the senate today.
Anyway, in honor of the classiest woman in the Obama Administration, here is a Rice Palooza cartoon fest.

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JJR said...

Apologies if this is a repeat comment, Blogger is being froggy today for some reason.

While I will agree the GOP talking points on Bengazi are Bullsh*t, Susan Rice did actually have rather worrisome conflict of interest issues with respect to the Keystone Pipeline approval issue, which she stood to gain from personally and over which she would have a major say in the approval process as Sec. of State...