Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pistol Packin Perry Pimps for NRA

Well, the National Rifle Association has been conspicuously silent since last Friday when 20 first graders were massacred by a crazed gunman wielding the tools that they like to lobby for- semi-automatic weapons.
But here in Texas who needs the NRA when we have Pistol Packin’ Coyote Shootin’ Rick Perry to promote gun sales in his state?
Rick Perry is willing to let the local ISDs in his state decide whether or not their teachers and staff should carry concealed weapons to work every day. He even cited a district that allows this very thing, Harrold ISD the first such school district in the country.
The craziness just gets crazier, doesn’t it? These people simply double down on stupid.
I say Perry doesn’t go far enough.
Why limit gun toting to teachers and staff? What’s wrong with kids bringing their nines to school in their backpacks? They are, after all, the main targets, aren’t they?
And why limit it to just semi-automatic weapons? What’s wrong with bringing in pipe bombs? You can’t buy hand grenades at the local gun shop yet, well not legally anyway, but you can still make some good old black powder pipe bombs.
We can even create pipe bomb building in the science curriculum.
Safety goggles will be a must for that one, though.

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