Saturday, December 22, 2012

Too Pretty to Employ

The Iowa Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom has just told all attractive young Iowa women that their good looks is enough to get them fired from their jobs.
Melissa Nelson, a pretty young dental assistant working for James Knight DDS, of Fort Dodge, Iowa for ten years was told by her boss that because he was irresistibly attracted to her, and his wife knew it, she could no longer work for him.
The fact is, there was a harmless banter between them that neither objected to, but Knight’s wife apparently did. So Melissa had to go.
Think of it. The woman was not fired because she was a bad dental assistant, not fired because of any unwanted remarks, not fired because of some infraction, she was fired because the dentist’s wife had such low self-esteem that she badgered her husband into firing his employee.
And the Iowa Supreme Court has deemed it to be good and fitting.
Had the dental assistant been a man this would never have happened, would it?
 The point is, this is a new world we are living in. Women are fighting in air battles in the Middle East.  Women are finally ascending to equality in every way, and now we hear about a court’s decision that has all the attributes of one in 1952, not one in 2012.
Want to go back in time? Have I got a state for you.

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