Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Of Cliffs and Café Mochas

Starbucks has a new marketing strategy based on the latest in the news.
If you buy a cup of Starbucks coffee tomorrow or Friday you will not only get your name inscribed on the side of the cup, but you will also get the words “Come Together” scribbled on it. And I guess we’re not talking about the old Beatles tune, either. Or maybe we are.
It’s a great marketing strategy, don’t you think?
See? You can have a six dollar cup of coffee, participate in a happening, and send a message to congress to get off their fiscal butts and pass something to prevent another recession so we all don’t lose thousands and thousands of dollars to the banks again.
And no matter what happens, Starbucks gets to sell more coffee.
So let’s all take our Starbucks gift cards down to our local Starbucks coffee shops and redeem them for some coffee tomorrow and Friday.
You can do all of the above but Starbucks already has that money in the gift card, don’t they.

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