Thursday, December 27, 2012

No "Coming Together" in Red Texas

When Starbucks launched their latest marketing scheme, to get a cup of java enscribed with the words "come together" on December 27th and 28th, I looked upon it with a bit of cynicism as is my habit. A total marketing ploy for those who are consumed with the notion of losing tens of thousands of dollars on January 1st when taxes go up on everyone and the military budget gets slashed.
The fiscal cliff approaches, and Starbucks fell across a scheme to make some more dough off of their joe, and give its customers a place to vent.
I was cynical that their motives were pure, and also cynical about where I live, here in Red Texas, and how the last thing that most of the Texas delegation to the House want nothing more than to jump off that cliff.
So it came to no surprise to me that upon using my Starbucks gift card to buy a  couple of cups of very expensive coffee there was no such enscription on either paper cup.
None. And the message was clear - here in Red Texas coming together is the last thing on anyones' mind. This graphic should help those of you who have not seen it on Zuckerberg's website.

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