Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA Head Thumbs His Nose at Dead Children

Whoever thought that the NRA was going to change its tune this time with 20 dead children must have been smoking rope. The NRA has been, is now, and always will be the premier lobbyist for the arms industry. And now, with blood on his hands, Wayne LaPierre went out of his way on the 1 week anniversary of the Newtown massacre to thumb his nose at 20 dead children, 6 dead educators, and all of their friends and family.
This is because, according to LaPierre, just about the only thing that is not responsible for the mass killing last week, or any time before or in the future, is the availability of guns specifically designed to kill people.
It has become clear to more people now that people die horrible deaths because of “modern weaponry.” That is, weapons that shoot bullets faster than one can think from a seemingly limitless supply of bullets from high-capacity magazines.
But no. According to LaPierre, it’s all about violence in movies and video games. It’s all about the media who report things like mass killings – inconvenient truths for LaPierre’s bunch – so as to inspire copycats.
And to go further, LaPierre wants an armed policeman stationed at every school, and he asked “with all the money in the federal budget can’t we afford to put a police officer in every single school?”
In Texas, in the larger school districts, this is exactly what we have. It is paid for by the district taxpayers, not the federal government. Hiring one policeman for each school campus in America would do wonders for the unemployment rate, but from what money tree do you go to harvest their pay?
This is why I call on Wayne LaPierre and the NRA to foot the entire bill for a national police force to put one armed police officer at every campus in the United States. They can get the money from their bosses, the gun manufacturers.
Put up or shut up, LaPierre.
Or better yet, put up AND shut up.

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