Saturday, December 08, 2012

The TEA Party is Over

Jim DeMint is DeOut and this is really, really good news for liberals.

Jim DeMint, in his role as uber-conservative TEA Party darling, arguably the highest-ranked TEA Party member in the federal government, did nothing for the country but bring government to a virtual standstill through his use of filibuster and heavy-handed tactics that reminded one of a bull in a china shop.

And now he is off to greener (and arguably, more lucrative) pastures in taking charge of the leading conservative lobby group, the Heritage Foundation. That, in the end is what it is all about with TEA Party leaders – more lucre for them.

It signals to me the beginning of the end of the effect of the TEA Party in federal politics. TEA Party candidates suffered huge setbacks in the last election as many teabaggers lost their jobs, and many more failed to get them for the first time.

And by going over to a lobby group, one can only hope that DeMint will carry on his good work of marginalizing the Republican Party even more as he primaries those who commit the audacious act of working with Democrats to cut a deal.

It is said that he is after John Boehner who, oddly enough, is making very small concessions to a federal tax increase – not so much in deeds as in words. Replacing John Boehner with an even more conservative House leader would serve the purposes of the Left like nothing else would. Americans are becoming increasingly leery of these demagogues who say one thing then do another and are turning out at the polls. His answer to widespread voter rejection of the TEA Party agenda last November is to double down.

In Texas, we know about doubling down. The heroes of the Alamo doubled down.

That got them double dead.



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