Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brits Free Their Gays

In an overwhelming Yes vote, members of the British House of Commons approved a measure that would serve to allow gays in England and Wales to marry with full rights that come with marriage.
They beat us damnit.
Just like they beat us with national healthcare.
The surprise is that the bill was supported by the Tory (conservative) Prime Minister, David Cameron. And I was not so surprised to find out today that more than half of Cameron’s own party voted against the measure.
They’re supposed to be in the majority.
The vote wasn’t even close, with 400 voting Yes, and 175 voting no, and while 123 Tory members voted for the legislation, 136 voted to oppose it and a whole bunch abstained. But with a combination of the grand majority of Labour Party votes, and the minority votes from the majority party, the measure was easily passed.
And I think many were enabled to vote their consciences once it was settled that the Church of England would not be coerced into performing marriages of gays, something they have indicated that they do not want to do.
Interesting. Interesting that the C of E’s equivalent in America is the Episcopal Church, which not only had gay pastors but were among the first to perform gay marriages where it is legal here.
Interesting also, that the Church of England was essentially founded on the principle of changing the definition of marriage to one where divorce was not only tolerated, but allowed on numerous occasions.

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