Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ted Cruz Pulls a McCarthy

Today, Texas junior senator, Ted Cruz, impugned theintegrity of Vietnam War veteran Chuck Hagel by implying that he might, just might, have alliances with North Korea and Saudi Arabia.
This is because Hagel had dealings with both countries, according to Cruz.
So this means the proposed Secretary of Defense is in cahoots with foreign powers.
This is a play stolen from the playbook of infamous former congressman Joe McCarthy.
Well his committeemates, Republican committeemates no less, didn’t let him get away with this low form of demagoguery if I may be allowed a redundant phrase. John McCain, for one, slapped Cruz down.
But you know, Cruz had a point. Politics make strange alliances.
You know…Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen.  He’s naturalized. He was born in Canada.
He’s Canadian.
Does Ted Cruz have improper alliances with our neighbor to the north? They have French-Canadian separatists in Canada. They sometimes committed acts of violence. Ted Cruz, a Canadian, MAY have committed violent acts.
Is Ted Cruz a terrorist in hiding? People want to know.

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