Friday, February 01, 2013

Why Scott Brown Won’t Run

Scott Brown announced that he would not be on the Massachusetts primary ballot in April in a bid to replace John Kerry, now that he has moved over to Foggy Bottom. I can hear a collective sigh of relief from my Democratic friends but then I never thought he would actually run for the office, despite the earnest wishes of all of those Republicans who viciously attacked Susan Rice when they began to suspect that Barack Obama had his eye on her for the SecState office.
McCain et al. thought they could snag back a senatorial seat if they got John Kerry confirmed, and when they took a vote, Kerry easily slid through with 94 votes. Rubbing their hands in glee as they figured they had just pulled one off, out comes Scott Brown today with a text message saying that he wasn’t going to run for the office anyway.
Oh the humanity! Disaster strikes. Now we have a pacifist working as the Secretary of State, and no Republican with the chances of a snowball in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks of winning actually running for the job.
Brown confirmed what I thought might be a big issue for him. He ran for the seat that was made vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy in 2010 running, against Martha Coakley, a fairly undistinguished Democrat made famous for her prosecution of an innocent man – sending him to the slammer for years and years. But he got a drubbing by Elizabeth Warren in the re-election in 2012, after displaying some bizarre antics during the debate.
That’s two elections in 3 years.
Then if he runs for Kerry’s seat, that’s 3 elections in 3 years. Then he has to run for re-election in 2014, the end of John Kerry’s 6-year term. That’s 4 statewide elections in 4 years.
No way. No one is going to do that.
I think the icing went on the cake when Brown was caught “drunk tweeting” some unintelligible stuff the late the other night. What the heck is a “Bqhatevwr” anyway?
I was actually looking forward to see what the Democrats were going to do with that one.
Anyway, there it is, and the 55th Senate seat is very probably safe for another 2 years.

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Fenway Fran said...

He's lusting after Deval Patrick's job now. Good luck with that.