Sunday, February 24, 2013

Texas Hearts Its “Cruz Missile”

He is pilloried on Capitol Hill.
He is upbraided by Democrats and Republicans alike.
He has been compared to “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy in his demagogical style.
But Texans love themselves some Ted Cruz, junior senator from wacky, wacky Texas.
This article in the Houston Chronicle outlines this phenomenon, an article about Ted Cruz’s recent visits to Leander, Texas businesses. Leander is a burg outside of Austin and contains two businesses whose clientele and owners bestowed upon Cruz loud and vocal approval for his antics.
An assault rifle manufacturer and a lumber yard.
You know, places where your typical citizenry will show up on a daily basis.
These audiences, in short, were targeted as much as any AR-15 gun sight will do. Cruz holds his public discussions by preaching to the choir. I doubt that he would venture 10 meters onto a college campus – well A&M maybe.
So the Chron article, while newsy and ironic, is just a tad disingenuous. Not all Texans are toothless rubes with confederate flags on their baseball caps.
Some of them, but thank God, not all of them.
They’re all in Mississippi.

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