Monday, February 25, 2013

TEApublican Heads Explode Watching The Oscars

They saved it up for the final award of the evening, Best Picture. Then Jack Nicholson turned over announcing the winner to FLOTUS Michele Obama who had her very own envelope to open. She obviously was having a good time, and the young women standing behind her seemed to be tickled to death. One even bounced on the balls of her feet at one point.
And “Argo” won.
And hundreds of thousands of TEApublicans’ heads began to explode.
And they didn’t waste any time criticizing the First Lady for barging in on their television viewing. They didn’t want to be reminded one more time yesterday that there is a black family living in the White House and that Barack Obama was re-elected. They didn’t want to see her having a good time.
So they said things like “Can these people wear out their welcome?” (Limbaugh) or “It is not enough that President Obama pops up at every sporting event in the nation. Now the first lady feels entitled.” (Jennifer Rubin).
Let’s get something straight here. With the exception of a few well-known people (one of whom is known to talk to empty chairs), the Hollywood film industry can be confidently called Obama’s “Base.” As such, it is a no-brainer that some sort of presidential participation in their party of the year might occur. It is, after all, their party and they can pretty much do what they want and invite whomever they chose to speak. They let us at home watch it live, but it is their party, and these conservative grumps have no standing in this. Complaining about the First Lady being at The Oscars, even remotely, is like complaining about the taste of the cake and ice cream at someone’s birthday party that you are crashing.
I don’t recall a massive hue and cry by Democrats when, in 2002, Laura Bush appeared as one respondent in a short film about “What Do the Movies Mean to You?" No one said she was intruding.  
The haters will continue to hate. That’s just what they do and they can’t help it. I really do think they should mind their own business though. Talk about entitlement, where did they ever get the idea that they could have a say in who the Academy invites to speak, and who they would rather not hear from.

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