Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh Boy, Here We Go

State of the Union guest, attendee Ted Nugent
I am popping the popcorn tonight to settle down to a rip roaring speech by President Obama that is hopefully to be peppered by insulting commentary by the TEA Party lowlife that slithers about on the House floor, as both Members and guests.
Because if I don’t miss my guess civility has completely left the building in Washington DC, and is being replaced by theatrics and downright idiocy.
The whole idea, to some of these characters, is not to get anything done and not to serve their constituents. Their whole reason for being in Washington is to wreak havoc and tear it all down.
Or I could be completely wrong and President Obama’s speech will be duly considered by a lucid and rational legislative body who will politely allow the president his time at the podium uninterrupted by outbursts.

UPDATE: Well Ted kept his seat and now I know why. It seems that 31 Democratic congressmen each invited victims of gun violence to be their guests at the State of the Union Address. 31 to 1.  

And now I'm watching Marco Rubio whining about big government. And making a fool of himself with a water bottle. I predict it will get notice. Rubio's "Watergate."

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