Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justice for Trayvon

Today the country is severed into two camps: "creepy-a** crackers" who are whooping it up as George Zimmerman walks out a free man  having been found innocent of all wrong-doing in the Trayvon Martin murder case, and those of us who are truly shocked and numbed, supporters of human rights including the basic right to safety and security in their own neighborhood.
Not only was George Zimmerman found not guilty of 2nd degree murder - a reach by anyone's measure of human behavior - he was found innocent of manslaughter.
The 6-woman jury found that a man who openly admitted killing an unarmed man with a firearm was also innocent of manslaughter. This is the ultimate in insults.
But more insulting are the warnings from local Florida sheriffs who point out that demonstrations of outrage against this heinous decision shall be met head on.
A singular message to people that it is now open-season on anyone who looks even the least bit suspicious.
Use a gun, get away with it. The message is clear.
We need to fix this. We need justice for Trayvon Martin and his family. We need the Department of Justice to step in here and do the right thing: file charges against George Zimmerman that he denied Trayvon Martin of his right to life, and did so with the prejudice of a man fraught with racist notions.
The proof is everywhere.
It makes the OJ Simpson case look iffy.
If you are of a mind, sign the petition to the federal government to take action against a man who killed a boy who, in Barack Obama's own words, would have "looked like my son."
You can sign a petition to the DOJ here (Move-on's) or here (NAACP's). The latter is hard to log on to though because of very heavy traffic.
300,000 people in Florida have already beaten you to the punch.


Anonymous said...

How many times does someone have to be punched in the face and have their head banged on concrete before they are allowed to defend themselves from an assault?

Hal said...

Ol' Georgie DID defend himself - badly. My dad used to tell me that if I ever started a fight that I'd better be prepared to finish it or face the consequences. Ol'
,Georgie either missed that lesson or his dad - in fine Florida tradition - told his son to skip consequences and just plug the guy if he ever lost the fight he picked. You must have missed that lesson, too, Anon.,!