Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Art and Science of Disingenuity

Have you ever heard of a person saying one thing but meaning another? I have and I'll bet you have, also, especially if you live within the borders of the Republic of Texas where the art and science of disingenuity (is that even a word) has been honed to a keen edge.
Disingenuity: n. A verbal expression of how one thinks or feels, but meaning something totally different. Example: The disingenuity of his comment was apparent when he beat his wife while pleading for the health and safety of women.
Adjectival form: disingenuous.
Texans have this down pat. I think it extends from the old Noyeki Commanche lifestyle as described by Ethan Edwards in the movie "The Searchers" when he described what the term Noyeki meant: "like round about. Man says he's goin' one place. Means ta go t'other"
That's what Texans do, and do well.
Take for instance SB2 the so-called women's health act. Purported to be a defense of women's health: it is anything but. It actually does harm to women's health by denying them health services. Well we all know that but now there is a new one: making people feel more at ease with the presence of semi-automatic man-killing weapons.
It seems that a new species of idiocy evolved last Wednesday when new protesters emerged at the Texas state capitol while there were ongoing protests to oppose the above-mentioned SB2. These protesters were fully armed with loaded assault rifles. Their message was clear: you women should stop protesting or we will kill you.
But in their Noyeki way, they explained the true reason for their timely appearance.
"The protesters said the event was designed to get people accustomed to the weapons and show that those carrying them were normal citizens. 'That's why we're here. Trying to make people feel more at ease, so they don't feel that way,' said Scott Smith, a member of the group Open Carry Texas, which organized the event."
 The art of newspeak of George Orwell's "1984" as practiced by Open Carry Texas follows in the grand tradition of the Noyeki: all they want to do is protect women's health.
Yeah, and all I want to do is to promote women's health by giving them all female circumcisions.

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Left in Idaho said...

I'm a liberal 'n own an AK-47 that I bought cuz I'm not gonna 'repent-to-eat' if those crazies start a civil war. Hasn't happened yet so I've not seen or touched it it like 6 months...but, I'd love to go to a WingNut church (with a few'us) armed and parroting this groups BS in Oh so polite and (troll) concerned words. Eee-Magine the shitstorm from #tcot's