Monday, July 01, 2013

The Orange Rebellion

Today in Austin, at the South Steps of the capitol building, five thousand protesters rallied on Day 1 of the 2nd special session called by Rick Perry so that his precious anti-choice legislation could  be passed.
It wasn't going to be passed without a fight on the floor, and it wasn't going to be passed without suffering, again, a great deal of noise and attention.
And it wasn't, in the end, passed at all.
Republicans, you see, are smart. Yeah, that's the They decided to put off a vote on these offensive bills until tomorrow - when all the protesters were not going to be there.
Good luck with that strategy.


Anonymous said...

How many of those orange shirts were paid protesters from the ad put on Craigslist in Austin?

Hal said...

Gotta stop drinking your own Kool-Aid, Anon. The only paid attendees got checks from the Koch Brothers.