Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh SNAP! Republicans Rake in $$$ and Let the Poor Go Without

“Are there no workhouses?” These might as well be the words of 14 Republican congresscreeps who voted for themselves to reap thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in government farm subsidies, but not before they voted to separate farm subsidies from  SNAP, the federal food stamp assistance program. The two are traditionally included in the same bill.
From the Rep George Miller (D – CA) Pork Barrel Report:
"The 14 Republican members of Congress who voted for the FARRM Act and personally receive government subsidies have received an average of $515,279 in benefits, according to a database maintained by the Environmental Working Group."
Among these 14 is the Texas Republican congressman that I love to hate: millionaire Congressman Blake “Poses With Minors in His PJs” Farenthold. Farenthold, a darling of the TEA Party, personally pocketed over 1 large in taxpayer money, yet voted to take formula from babies' mouths.
There he is at a lingerie party. The child at the far left, with an “M” on her hand is a minor.
Texas Republican congressmen fill me with the urge to aspirate vomitus.

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