Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What, Me Perry?

Even as the Republicans in the Texas state legislature endeavor to persist in passing one of the most brutal assaults on women’s health in the country, the leader and instigator of this heinous act is jumping ship. True to his promise, Rick Perry announced this week that he would not seek a fourth term as governor of Texas.
Not that anyone thought he had a chance of a gnat in a hailstorm of winning next year.
But while this was a scheduled announcement, I do wonder at the coincidence of his announcement and the concurrent revelation that Rick Perry’s sister, Milla Perry Jones, is vice-president of government affairs (read state government) for United Surgical Partners International (International, but based in Addison, Texas) and also serves on the board of the Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center Society.
United Surgical Partners International would be operating one of the five remaining clinics in Texas that could offer abortion services under HB 2 / SB 1, the anti-choice bill now being considered in Perry’s 2nd special legislative session.
In short, Milla Perry Jones and her colleagues are set to reap huge rewards as Texas trims back its 42 health clinics that currently offer abortion services to 5, one of which, by some astounding coincidence is the self-same United Surgical Partners International.
Not a bad move, monopoly-wise.
In any given monopoly, those who survive are able to jack up their prices. Poor Texas women don’t actually face a higher hurdle to leap over should they require abortion services – having to drive hundreds of miles to have the procedure. They also have to pay more for the honor.
Making legal abortion in ambulatory clinics such as the one Milla runs a boutique procedure reserved for the well-to-do.
A truly Libertarian Paradise.
And totally legal.
Just odiferous to the highest degree.
Perry claims that he will be considering his options as he vacates the governorship. I’ll bet he will. I just hope that he numbers his options at no greater than two – the same number of options he is affording Texas’ women during their reproductive years. Because if there are more than two he is likely to forget what those others would be.


Anonymous said...

You think there would be someone in the state who could beat Rick perry if he ran again? Really? Damn! You are more politically clueless than I ever thought you to be.

And I say that as an anti-Perry Republican who positively rejoiced at yesterday's announcement.

Hal said...

Very telling, Anon. You're telling me that even though you hate Rick Perry to the extent that you "positively rejoiced" at his announcement that he will not seek re-election, but had he run against a Democrat, you would have voted for him. How pathetic is that?

Anonymous said...

I did not say that at all. I might cast a vote for the libertarian candidate or even not vote that race.

But let's look at the reality. Perry has a huge war chest, remains quite popular among Republicans and (to a lesser degree) independents, and the Democrats have nobody with the stature, name recognition, or credibility to beat him.

Hal said...

Exactly. When Republicans vote Libertarian, or better yet, stay home, Democrats can win.

We have no one with "stature, name recognition or credibility?" Gee, I wonder what Wendy would do about that.

Chang said...